Helping our neighbors in crisis at home and abroad.

Alaska's Reverse Dog Sled Race has partnered with two non-profit organizations. We are giving our teams a choice of which non-profit organization they would like to support with their fundraising campaign. Please learn a bit more about our chosen charities below. We love them both and thank you for your compassion and generosity.
On February 15th a fire swept through the Royal Suite Lodge apartment complex in Anchorage, Alaska. The fire claimed the life of 2 residents at injured at least 16 more, including children. Dozens of Alaskan were displaced. American Red Cross of Alaska was there. Providing food, shelter, water and assistance. They are now working with families to help them rebuild their lives.

Alaska's Reverse Dog Sled Race has partnered with the Red Cross of Alaska to help support these Alaskans in their time of crisis. Your donations to the American Red Cross of Alaska will remain in Alaska to help these Alaskans and other Alaskans suffering from similiar disasters.

Did you know 51% of the world's refugees are children?  UNHCR research and data shows that millions of people are suffering in desperate living conditions that leave them exposed to both physical and emotional risks and rob them of any chance of a stable future. When a family has lost everything, providing them with shelter is the first step towards recovery.

IKEA won 2016 design of the year for designing an innovative refugee shelter. The ' bettershelter' can be shipped in 2 flat packed boxes and assembled in just 4 hours. This shelter provides protection from the
elements as well as privacy and security.

Gather your favorite humans to participate in this very silly race for a very serious cause.