Step 1 - Register Your Team

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Red Cross of AK or UN Refugee Agency
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Step 2 - Create Your Team Fundraising Page
Choose Alaska Red Cross or UN Refugee Agency

How to Set up Your Team Fundraising Page

1. Choose which charity you wish to fundraise for ( Alaska Red Cross OR UN Refugee Agency ). Click the corresponding  button to be directed to our fundraising page.

2. Click "FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN" button on the official CrowdRise Page. You will be prompted to login to CrowdRise.

3. Once signed into CrowdRise you will have the option to "JOIN THE TEAM"

4. Boom! You have a your Team fundraising page. Customize your team name by editing your Crowdwise profile. Customize information for your personal team by editing your campaign. Then share share share!

5. Pat yourself on the back for being amazing!

If you get stuck or have questions please contact us at

Step 3 - Complete Waivers

Please print and return waiver. You can take a pic or scan it and return it to

Each team member must complete a waiver.
Click here for Waiver