Race Rules

  2. Teams can consist of up to 8 people including the ‘Musher’. More people = easier running and easier fund raising!!
  3. Each team has a fundraising goal of $1,150…but any amount is fantastic and the sky is the limit!!
  4. Sleds have only one rule - they must be on two skis! The rest is up to you. Use your imagination. There will be a prize for the most creative sled!
  5. Costumes strongly encouraged…(see rule 1)
  6. At least one team member must ride in the sled
  7. Sled rider(s) must keep their entire body in the sled for the duration of the race - they cannot help push, propel, or steer the sled in any way...but they can YELL!!!!
  8. Sled rider is encouraged to dress like a dog - this is a reverse dog sled race, after all! Check in with the Race Logistics Coordinator the morning of the race - Look for the ‘Check In Here’ booth right at the entrance
  9. Trial runs are highly encouraged - you don’t want your sled to fall apart during the race!
  10. Make sure you can transport your sled and harness to the event!!!
  11. All participants are required to sign a waiver form.
  12. Race format is head to head races with winners progressing to next round. Winner is determined by the first part of the FIRST SLED over the line (not the first runner). Approx. race distance is 100 yds. TIP: If you win your sled has to be fit to race again!!
  • Keep it simple
  • The lighter the faster!!!
  • Harnesses that cross your body may be a more comfortable
  • Keep harness systems easy
  • Prepare for weather/ground conditions on the day
  • Bring some warm clothes!